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I offer two kinds of editing, each tailored to an author's needs at a particular stage of the writing process. If you have written an early draft of a manuscript and would like some feedback and direction on next steps, you may want to choose a developmental edit. For this type of edit, I carefully review your manuscript and send you a detailed memo that points out the strengths of your manuscript as well as identifying areas to work on. I make specific, chapter-by-chapter suggestions for the next draft, which might include shifts in organization, good places to tighten (or expand) the material, and some tips on writing style.

Once you revise the draft, you can choose to have me look at the manuscript again, this time for a style edit. This edit involves a careful review of the book's writing style and clarity. Within the manuscript itself, I make suggested changes in the writing that I believe will help to increase the book's momentum, sharpen ideas, and more fully engage the reader. A style edit also includes copyediting, which covers grammar, punctuation and spelling. A completed style edit is essentially "ready to go" for submission to an editor.

Before any editing takes place, I offer an initial, half-hour phone consultation at no cost or obligation, so that you can tell me more about your book project and the kind of help you're looking for. During that conversation, I can also answer any questions you may have. To set up a phone consult, please email me at

Following our conversation, if you wish, I can take a look at your manuscript, make recommendations on the kind of editing I think it would most benefit from, and give you a cost estimate for the work. I will make every effort to help you develop an editing plan that works for you.


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"I find it astonishing the way Marian breathes life into what I write without touching the integrity of what I am saying. It is not just a skill; it's a gift."

-- Linda Carroll, MS
Author of Love Cycles


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