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Getting Published:
The Fine Art of Keeping the Faith

Many steps are involved in transforming a great idea into a published book. But in my experience, the most vital publishing resource of all is persistence. When my agent sent out the proposal for my first book, The Invisible Alcoholics, nine publishers turned it down flat. "We don't see a market for it," wrote Random House. "Doesn't catch our fancy," pronounced Crown Books.

By then I'd already quit my day job--really. Giving up wasn't an option. With my prodding, my agent sent the proposal to seven more publishers. When all seven rejected it, I had a full-blown meltdown. Then I called my agent. "Let's keep sending it out," I said, and finally we posted the proposal to McGraw-Hill and Grosset & Dunlap. They were unlikely companies for my type of book, but what did I have to lose?

About two weeks later, the phone rang. It was my agent. Both publishers wanted my book! Several weeks later, I signed on with McGraw-Hill. Two years after that, I attended a publication party for The Invisible Alcoholics: Women and Alcohol Abuse in America. I promoted the book nonstop for a year and it went on to sell more than 40,000 copies.

So, don't let rejections dissuade you. Put together the most compelling, professional book proposal you can. Then send it out--and send it out some more. Believe in your book with all your heart. I wish you the best of luck--and the faith and confidence to know you deserve success.


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