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I specialize in writing articles and books about human behavior, psychology and health. Through my work I hope to spark discussion about vital issues, including those we may personally confront but rarely talk about out loud. My writing seeks to open up these conversations.


Cover-Listening for Zebras Listening for Zebras
Solving a Medical Mystery on the Internet
The Washington Post
June 3, 2003
* Winner, 2004 Outstanding
  Essay Award
, American Society
  of Journalists and Authors
  "Accept my thanks for letting me get a great story in the paper--and without lifting a finger! An editor's life doesn't get much better than that."
--Craig Stoltz
  Former Editor, Health Section
  The Washington Post

Networker Magazine cover What the Cactus Knew
The Rewards of Not Getting What You Want
The Psychotherapy Networker
July/August 2013

Networker Magazine cover Coming Full Circle
The Harrowing Art of Letting Go
The Psychotherapy Networker
January/February 2011

Networker Magazine cover Who Do You Think You Are?
The Enduring Mystery of Temperament
The Psychotherapy Networker
May/June 2009

O Magazine Cover- Guided Imagery Inside the Astonishing World of Guided Imagery
O, The Oprah Magazine
January 2006
"Everyone's always saying that you have to listen for the inner voice that guides you to your own best answers. Marian Sandmaier will tell you how to actually tune in to that voice."
--Oprah Winfrey
  O, The Oprah Magazine
  January 2006

Networker Magazine Cover- The Breakthrough The Breakthrough
When You're Chronically Ill, How Do You Live?
The Psychotherapy Networker
May/June 2000
*Winner, 2001 June Roth
  Memorial Award for Medical
, American Society
   of Journalists and Authors

New York Times Book Review Don't Worry, Be Happy
A Review of Learned Optimism

The New York Times Book Review
January 20, 1991

More Magazine cover Time Traveler
The Oddball Pleasures of the Empty Nest
MORE Magazine
May 2007



More Magazine cover Original Kin: The Search for Connection Among Adult Sisters and Brothers (Dutton/Penguin)
Featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
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"A thoroughly original contribution to family psychology."
--Deborah Luepnitz, Ph.D.
  Author, Schopenhauer's Porcupines:   Intimacy and its Dilemmas.

More Magazine cover The Invisible Alcoholics: Women and Alcohol Abuse in America (McGraw-Hill)
"Marian Sandmaier understands women and she understands alcoholism, and the combination makes this a perceptive, exciting, healing book."
--The Boston Women's Health
  Book Collective
"The Invisible Alcoholics is a pioneering book--one that can change the way we think about women."
--Social Casework: The Journal of   Contemporary Social Work

More Magazine cover When Love is Not Enough: How Mental Health Professionals Can Help Special Needs Adoptive Families
(The Child Welfare League of America)
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More Magazine cover

The Empty Nest: 31 Parents Tell the Truth about Relationships, Love and Freedom After the Kids Fly the Coop
Book chapter, edited by Karen Stabiner (Hyperion)

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